Valeting & Detailing

Valeting is the process of cleaning a car in order to achieve as cleanest look as possible.

Our Valeting includes detailed cleaning of the whole bodywork, wheels, windows and basic interior cleaning. Most of the cheap car washes will most likely scratch your paint by not doing all the important steps before hand washing the car. When we are valeting the car, we first get rid of all possible dirt, iron filings, tar spots etc. by rinsing the car properly with pressure washer and using the snow foam. Then, we decontaminate the paint to make sure it's completely clean and ready for hand wash. All these steps will ensure that your car will leave our garage completely clean, shiny and scratch-free.

Exterior Detailing is an additional service to Valeting. Whether you want to polish your car, apply paint-protecting coating, correct your paint or remove scratches, it is all included in this service.

Interior Detailing is another additional service to Valeting. It will make your interior completely clean and fresh.

Valeting & Detailing

from £60