Audi S4 4.2 V8 BBK / BAT Timing Chain Service

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During the timing chain replacement these parts are replaced: 

All genuine parts with 1 year warranty.


079109229L Timing Chain
079109229K Timing Chain

079109229D Timing Chain

079109229 Timing Chain
079109217J Tensioner
079109507G Tensioner
079109467AE Tensioner
079109218D Tensioner
079109510E Guide
079109514B Guide
079109513C Guide
S079109510M Guide
059109469F Guide
059109469E Guide
079103051F Crankshaft Seal
077198025B Rocker Cover Gasket Kit
077198025C Rocker Cover Gasket Kit

079131120B EGR Gasket
079131120 Camshaft Chain Cover Gasket
079131120A Camshaft Chain Cover Gasket
079198405A Oil Filter

Other packages are only available at the price if the main timing chain is done.  

More parts might be needed during this job.