Audi S4 / S5 / RS4 / RS5 / SQ5 / CWG Engine, Rocker Arm Replacement Service

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During this service we are replacing rocker arms from part number 06M for upgraded rocker arm with part number 0P2. 

We also replace these parts: 

Camshaft adjuster oil valve / bolt 

Top cylinder head rubber gasket 

Timing chain oil tensioner

Coolant system gaskets 

Water pump

Oil system gaskets 

Oil filter / oil 

Intake valves carbon cleaning 

We will also visually check camshaft adjuster if there is any visual damage. 

The service job takes approx. 1 week. 

Any additional parts what would need replacing, you will be contacted. 

 Other packages are only available at the price if the main job is done.